Top 5 Reasons to Mediate Your Divorce in New York

It's no secret that divorce is contentious, and even in the most amicable situations, tensions run high. The stress is only compounded by the prospect of court appearances and decisions rendered by a judge. Fortunately, there is an alternative. If you choose to mediate your divorce in New York, you may discover that the process has many distinct advantages. Here are just five of them.

1. It Costs Less Divorce is expensive. It's made more so by going to court, which involves drafting and filing various legal documents by attorneys and paying numerous court fees. If you choose to mediate your divorce in New York, the total costs involved may be between 40 and 60 percent lower than if you chose litigation.

2. It's Private and Confidential Court documents become part of the public record. Moreover, courtrooms are rarely private. You never know who will be watching you in court. This can be nerve-wracking and embarrassing. Mediation is different. Often, the only people present are the two parties, their attorneys, if they have them, and the mediator. The documents used are all privileged and confidential, and they never become public record. If you want your private affairs to remain private, mediation may be for you.

3. Mediation Is Better for Children Going to court is stressful for parents, and that can easily trickle down to the atmosphere at home. Mediation gives children a chance to observe their parents collaborating even under less-than-perfect circumstances. Plus, mediation more frequently results in joint custody arrangements that are satisfactory to all parties. This fosters ongoing, healthy relationships between both parents and their mutual children.

4. An Opportunity to Collaborate Mediation works because it is collaborative in nature. It allows two individuals who disagree to work with a third, neutral party. The mediator doesn't render a decision. Instead, he or she helps the parties to arrive at a mutually satisfactory resolution. This leads to greater happiness and stability for all involved.

5. There Is Room for Unique Solutions Mediation is the perfect forum for crafting a unique settlement that is admirably well-suited to your family and your situation. It's virtually impossible to reach such tailor-made resolutions in a courtroom where there are so many restrictions. Mediation lends itself to creativity, and that means higher satisfaction for the whole family.

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