The Right Time to Hire a New York Divorce Mediator

A New York divorce mediator helps divorcing parties reach an amicable solution concerning their divorce issues.  These issues may pertain to property, spousal support, child custody arrangements, visitation, child support or other matters that may be contested.  The success of using a New York divorce mediator partially depends on bringing him or her in at the right time. 

Immediately after plans for a divorce are revealed, both parties may have raw emotions.  Suggesting cooperative mediation in such situations can sometimes lead to increased friction and a reduced probability of a successful mediation session.  Sometimes parties are not ready to move on quickly and will intentionally delay the process of divorce because they want to reconcile.  In some cases, suggesting mediation too early will only result in an unfavorable attitude towards it.

On the other hand, if a couple waits too long in the divorce process, the parties may become cemented to their ideas.  More time may have passed that has led to more conflict over spousal support, property or the children.  Waiting too late in the process can also decrease the likelihood of a successful resolution. 

Every situation is different.  However, there tends to be a time in many relationships in which the parties realize that the marriage is finished.  The parties may start looking to the future and arrangements that will provide them with the greatest chance for starting the next phase of their life in an independent and productive manner.  Knowing when the emotional dial in the situation has changed and when both parties are in a reasonable state of mind in which negotiation can be a productive endeavor is sometimes difficult.  However, a mediator can help assess the situation and notify the parties or their counsel if mediation can be effective for them.

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