New York Divorce Mediator Explains How to Determine if Divorce is the Only Option

Divorce should not be taken lightly; it is a huge life changing decision that can impact your finances, your children, and your health.  So how can you determine that you have done your best to keep your marriage together but the only viable option seems to be divorce?  What are your deal breakers?

Consider the Below Factors When It Comes to Getting More Clarity on Your Marriage:

  1. Marriage Counseling:Have you and your spouse tried marriage counseling? Was your spouse open to it?Was your spouse supportive in going with you to counseling? Are you both active participants in counseling?
  2. Do You Fight Constantly:Has your marriage come to the point where you can’t agree on anything?No matter what the topic happens to be, do you experience constant bickering?
  3. Is Your Spouse Abusive? If your spouse is abusive in any way: Mentally, physically, emotionally; then it may be difficult to stay in a marriage where your well-being is being compromised.Ask yourself if your spouse has taken any measures to work on the bad behavior and shown any improvements.If the answer is “no” then it may be time to end the marriage.
  4. Relationship Skills: Have you and your spouse considered learning new relationship skills?There are classes and programs to learn new communication tools.Consider investing time in learning new skills and implementing them into your marriage.
  5. Does Your Spouse Make Time for You?Is your spouse a workaholic or does your spouse make time for you and the children?One of the most common reasons marriages don’t work out is because couples drift apart because they are both living different lives.
  6. Was There Infidelity?In some marriages, couples are able to forgive one another for cheating, however, in other marriages infidelity is the one thing that can truly break a marriage apart.If forgiveness and re-building trust is not in the cards, then it may be very difficult to move past this hurdle and get your marriage back on track.
  7. Does Your Spouse Constantly Lie to You or Hide Important Information:If trust is one of the most important factors in a relationship, how can you continue to stay with a spouse that constantly lies to you and/or withholds important information?You have to ask yourself, if you are ok continuing to stay in a relationship that is built off of lies? If not, then it may time to consider getting a divorce.

An Experienced New York Divorce Mediator Can Guide You

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