New York Divorce Mediation Attorney Discusses Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration

Litigation can end up being very expensive, time consuming and stressful.  Since litigation has it’s downside, arbitration and mediation have become popular alternatives. 

Difference Between Mediation and Arbitration

Both mediation and arbitration can be binding and involve bringing in a third party that is neutral.  Arbitration can involve having an arbitrator chosen by each side as well as a third arbitrator to which the dispute is presented.  Arbitrators act similar to a judge by making decisions and recommendations based on evidence. 

On the other hand, in mediation there is usually only one mediator involved and the mediator facilitates cooperation and open communication between the parties involved.  The mediator does not make any judgments pertaining to the case.

Why Divorce Mediation is Successful

Mediation is successful because it creates a safe and confidential environment where the parties can come together to discuss important issues with a third party who is neutral.  Open communication fosters a more relaxed atmosphere and is less threatening than litigation.  The purpose of mediation is to effectively resolve difficult issues for the best interest of both parties and children that are involved.  Divorce Mediation is also a more cost effective option in comparison to litigation. 

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