Manhattan Mediator Explains How to Determine if You Should Get Divorced

Does the tension in your marriage build every day? At night, you toss and turn, trying to decide if it's time to say goodbye.

Getting married was a momentous decision, and deciding to part is at least as critical. Here are some guidelines for how to determine if you should get divorced.

Look for the Warning Signs

Certain signs can tell you if it's time to end your marriage. One of them is the persistent feeling that you'd be better off alone. Perhaps you feel this way because your needs are no longer being met. When you got married, you viewed your relationship as a partnership. Each spouse was dedicated to fulfilling the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of the other. When you feel that your needs are consistently going unmet, it may be time to seek a divorce.

Are You Staying in the Marriage Only for the Sake of the Children?

If you're looking for more evidence, then ask yourself if you're only staying together for the kids. Many parents fall into this trap, but that's precisely what it is. Staying in a toxic marriage isn't healthy for you or the kids. It's far better to go your own way and lead healthier, separate lives.

Consider Going to Counseling to Repair Your Marriage

What steps have you taken to try to repair your marriage? Many couples try counseling, and this can be successful. It's a good idea to give counseling a shot. Even if things don't work out, at least you'll know you gave it your best. If you've been through counseling and you're still miserable, then it's time to call it quits.
Recognize When it is Time to Leave a Bad Marriage

As a Manhattan mediator can tell you, it's time to leave a marriage when the partnership is seen as the lesser of two evils. Don't stay in a marriage just because you think it's the easier route. Divorce can cause considerable disruption, but it also gives you both the opportunity to build new, happier lives. You can even make choices, like opting for mediation over litigation, that makes the process less acrimonious. 

Divorce Doesn’t Have to Be Negative

When you work with a Manhattan mediator, you'll learn that it is possible to make divorce a more positive process that can settle major issues more efficiently and privately. Couples who choose mediation are able to start creating their new lives sooner than those who choose to go to court.

Speak to a Manhattan Mediator to Determine the Best Route for Your Divorce

If you would like to speak with a Manhattan mediator to learn more about how to determine if you should get divorced, call the Sabra Law Group at (646) 472-7971.







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