Manhattan Divorce Mediator Discusses Why Mediation Works for Couples with Children

The whole idea of divorce gets complicated with children. Custody of the children after divorce is one of the most sensitive issues in any divorce process. Deciding which of you will take custody of the child is invariably difficult, especially if a third person will have to make that decision for you.

Divorce Mediations Shield Children

In litigated divorce, arrangements for child custody will be decided by the court. Children, depending upon their age and maturity, may be involved with the process and may be required to be interviewed by the court. Too often, sensitive issues on their relationships with siblings, parents and relatives will have to be recollected. This is true when there is a history of child abuse and domestic violence. The process tends to be more painful for children.

In divorce mediations, parents decide the child custody for themselves. A Manhattan divorce mediation lawyer understands that only the parents know what is best for their children. He or she will guide you to make the right decisions compliant with Manhattan divorce and family laws. You can feel reassured and confident that the decisions that you make concerning your children are for their best interest when you work with a specialist familiar with similar situations that have determined what is optimal for the family.

A Manhattan divorce mediation lawyer will help you arrange for child support and the future education of your children, depending on the capacity of the spouses. All of these issues will be discussed privately and confidentially. You do not have to expose your children to the court process. We know that simply being in court is stressful for young children.

Divorce Mediations Allow Customized Parenting

Divorce mediations allow couples to select the terms of custody like visitation, education, health and support of their children. Couples make the decisions together that affect their child’s future.

You could choose either sole or joint legal custody. Sole legal custody allows one of the spouses to make major decisions for the child while joint legal custody allows both to make big decisions. Day to day decisions concerning the child however may be made by the spouse with whom the child resides.

In any case, visitation rights are awarded to the non-custodial parent. A Manhattan divorce mediation lawyer could advice you on the terms of visitation that will provide maximum quality time with the child. Divorce mediations allow you to customize how to go about parenting even after separation. Parents are given the hands-on say on how to plan their children’s future.

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