Manhattan Divorce Mediation Attorney Explains Why Divorce Can Be a Good Thing

Anyone that is either in the process of getting divorced or contemplating divorce knows that the divorce will be hard on the children.  While divorce will be difficult for all involved and hard on the children; it is way better to raise your children in an environment that does not include fighting, anger, lack of trust and unhappiness. 

It is never worth it to stay in your marriage just for the sake of the children.  More than ever, children are quite aware of their surroundings and raising them in an unhealthy environment that is full of arguments, resentment, and anger is not going to benefit them.  Every parent wants to do the best to raise their children in a happy, healthy home that is filled with love.   If you are staying in a marriage just because you don’t want to see your children suffer from the consequences; it is time to rethink your strategy. 

The only way staying in a marriage that is essentially over would work for the benefit of the children is if both spouses have mutual respect for each other, are still friends with each other and fighting is very minimal.  Even so, this solution may only be ideal for parents with really young children.   

The majority of children’s beliefs are developed during their elementary and high school years.  Their childhood impacts their adult life and some scars are very tough to heal.  Consider the importance of teaching your children to choose personal happiness, freedom and the choice to live a happy life.  Educate your children on the importance of making decisions based on their personal happiness that are based on facts.  Children will grow up cherishing a happy, and peaceful environment filled with independence vs. a tumultuous environment.

Parents who choose to mediate their divorce are teaching their children another important principle; that compromise is an important part of life and that people can work together to come to an agreeable solution without escalating situations.  Compromise coupled with effective communication skills provides a strong foundation to handle any conflict. 

Even if a couple does not currently effectively communicate, with the right mediator, the skills and tools needed to resolve their conflict can be achieved.  People are not born with inherent ability to communicate effectively, and, as such those skills are learned skills and the necessary skills and tools needed to mediate a divorce can be facilitated by an effective and experienced mediator.

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