It Takes More Than Love to Get to Marriage

MarriageEven though love may be a great foundation for marriage, love alone is never enough.  A couple must have more than just love to get to the point of getting engaged then married and staying married.


5 Tips On What is Necessary to Get to Marriage


  1. Faithful:  a couple must remain faithful to each other in order to progress the relationship.  If one partner cheats on the other, it can put the relationship back a few steps.  Furthermore, it can even cause the relationship to end abruptly.  There are some couples who engage in polyamory and those relationships can last so long as they are clear about their boundaries and remain faithful to them.
  2. The ability to communicate openly:  open communication is essential in any good relationship and is the foundation of a healthy partnership.  Communication is often challenging for most people and clarity of communication is key.  Taking the time to learn how you each communicate and truly understand each other is vital to the durability of the relationship.
  3. Accept your partner for who they are:  do not try to change your partner as it is highly unlikely that your partner will change.  The only way they may change is if comes from within their own decision to make some changes.  Realize that the person you are with has their own habits, belief systems and mannerisms and that is what makes them unique.  Look for the positives instead of the negatives in your partner and focus on those.
  4. Respect each other:  respect is so important in a romantic relationship.  It is important to be aware of not intentionally hurting your partner or displacing behavior that is disrespectful to them.  This can include flirting in front of them (or even behind their back), ignoring them, making them feel uncomfortable in front of your friends.
  5. Patience is key:  patience is very important when it comes to relationships.  There will be times when your partner will test you and you may lose your patience with them.  There will also be times when you want to give up on them when the going gets tough, however, it is important to realize that relationships take work and commitment.  So avoid even considering bailing at the first sign of trouble. Nobody ever said relationships were easy.  Invest in the relationship by committing to be patient when things don’t go your way and communicate your desires with your partner.


Remember, love is a verb and loving your partner requires constant effort on your part through faith, communication, acceptance, respect and patience. 


If you have followed these steps and are currently engaged, consult a New York Prenup attorney to determine how to set up the right foundation for a secure future for you and your future children.  Contact Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971. 

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