Is it Possible to Save Your Marriage During the COVID-19 Pandemic?

save your marriageAre you wondering if you can save your marriage during the COVID-19 Pandemic?  If so, you are not alone, thousands of people are struggling with their marriage amidst the pandemic.  There are many factors that can go into play when it comes to staying in a marriage or getting out. 


One of the most important factors to consider is if your marriage was rocky prior to the pandemic or did it become rocky during the pandemic?  Asking yourself this question will help you determine if your marriage was already on the rocks due to underlying reasons or if it was the stress of quarantine and pandemic life that has pushed your marriage to the breaking point.


You Can Try to Save Your Marriage During the COVID-19 Pandemic with These Tips:


  1. Have a reality check with yourself:  this means you need to determine if you are seeing things clearly and objectively or are you seeing things through cloudy lens.  It takes two people to make a marriage work; and it also requires you to do the work to save your marriage.   By becoming more cognizant of your old patterns and how you react to your spouse, you can recognize “bad habits” and use this time to create more trust and connection with your spouse instead of “fault finding” your spouse. 
  2. Take a break from your spouse to see what it would really feel like to be separated/divorced:  sometimes it’s important to take a break from your spouse to see how you really feel about them.   If you have a family member or friend that you can stay with for a few days or weeks, it may be the best way to get away and evaluate your marriage, and how you really feel about your spouse.  For some couples, “distance will make the heart grow fonder” and they will realize that they do still love each other and that giving their marriage another shot is worthwhile.  Unfortunately, for other couples; there may come a realization that they are happier being alone than in an unhappy or tumultuous marriage.
  3. Communication is key:  it is best not to assume anything at a time when emotions are running high and stress is impacting how couples are interacting with each other.  If your partner has suddenly become closed off or distant; it may make sense to sit down and have a heart to heart conversation.  You can do this by being open, kind and curious in order to get your spouse to feel comfortable opening up.


If you have tried everything to save your marriage during the COVID-19 Pandemic but have been unsuccessful, it may be time to consult an experienced Manhattan divorce attorney who can guide you on the divorce process during the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Call Sabra Law Group today at (646) 472-7971 to schedule a confidential consultation.








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