Important Factors to Consider When Selling Your Condo in Manhattan

If you are thinking about putting your condo on the market in Manhattan, it is best to be well prepared.  Buyers have many choices in Manhattan and can choose to be discerning.   If you want your property to seem attractive to buyers, you have to accentuate the positive parts of the condo, the neighborhood, and amenities. 

In order to figure out what buyers are looking for, you have to put yourself in their shoes.   First, determine if your condo is ideal for single people or is it also fit to accommodate a small family?  Second, ask your friends what they would want in a condo, if they were in the market to buy?

Furthermore, do your research and look at other comps to see which units in your building sold quickly and if they had any special features.  

Requirements for buying a condo will vary from person to person, however, it is a good idea to keep certain things in mind:

  1. Closet place and storage can be important to many people.   Make sure that your closets are clean and organized before listing your property.   If your building has access to buy or rent extra storage; make sure you mention that to your realtor.  
  2. If your windows are double-paned, make sure to point this out as well.  Double-paned windows reduce noise from the outside.
  3. Security: for many people, living in a secure building in a requirement.  Be prepared to talk about what your condo building does to keep the building secure.  Remember to mention things such as 24-hour concierge/doorman, security cameras in garage, key fob only access to elevators/floors. 
  4. Upgrades to condo:  sometimes upgrades may add more desirability to a property.  The key is that the upgrades must be useful rather than just for aesthetic purposes.  For example: blackout shades are a useful addition as they can block out too much sun during the day or bright lights at night.  Automatic lighting may also appeal to some buyers who like the convenience of controlling their lights from an app on their phone.

Selling Your Condo in Manhattan?

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