How to Use a Vision Board to Celebrate a Divorce Party

getting divorced

Are you considering hosting a divorce or separation party? It’s becoming more commonplace nowadays. When the divorce judgment is finally official, the divorce party gives you a way to celebrate the end of one chapter and the beginning of another. It gives you an opportunity to let loose, blow off steam, and not just mellow in sorrow. It can be healing and provide closure from a very tough life transition. After all, you’re finally free with more freedom and independence so why not honor the occasion with friends and family.  

In many cases, divorces can unfortunately be contentious and divorce parties are done without the other spouse attending. But if both spouses were civil in the divorce and still friendly or cordial, they may even want to co-host the divorce party. However, you may want to shield your children from the party, given the sensitive nature. 

Still, not everyone will want to host a divorce party. Some may even be offended by the notion, comparing a divorce to a death in the family. But mind them no attention, everyone should do what’s best for them. 

Focus on the future, not the past, with a positive tone. To help, consider creating a vision board of your future-self as a team activity. Gather posters, colorful markers, magazines and glue sticks.  Each attendee will receive one poster to create their own vision board.  Thinking about the things that you want to manifest, begin creating your vision board by drawing images or words and phrases, or cutting them out of magazines and placing them on the poster, thereby creating a collage as a source of inspiration. 

Some ideas include, finding a picture of an outfit, accessory, watch or other jewelry item of things that you want that represent your new image… 

Or you might post a picture of your dream home, or a fancy car, or spell out the words to your ideal job from your bucket list. Likewise, you might post an image of a person doing yoga poses and meditation to symbolize your goal for better mental and physical health. You could post a map and circle various countries you’ve always wanted to visit. And you could illustrate your goal of taking up a new hobby of cooking and playing tennis with pics too. Additionally, you could share an image of your friends, to mark your ambition to dedicate more quality time to spending with them and strengthening your relationships. 

When completed, hang the vision board up in your home in an area you regularly visit. And you may want to take a photo of your vision board and make it your “home” page on your cell phone so that you see it regularly.  Feel free to add to your vision board as well, as you see fit and your life goes through changes. This will help center you and remind you of your long-term goals and ambitions ahead.  What you focus on regularly is more likely to come to fruition.  

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