How to Tell Your Teenager That You Are Getting Divorced

How to Break News of Getting a Divorce to Your TeenagerGetting divorced is an undeniably stressful time in your life, but it is even more stressful and complicated when children are involved. Even if you have older children or teenagers, the impact of a divorce can be a serious strain on their development if not handled properly and proactively by their parents. 


Presenting a Unified Message

First and foremost, it is critical that you and your ex are on the same page about the message you will share with your children. This includes the timing of letting them know. It is best not to spring this type of news immediately before major changes, such as a parent moving out of the house, are about to happen. Allow time and space for your child to process these developments. 

Also, be clear with your ex about which details you will share with your teenager regarding the reason for the divorce. It is vital to convey to your children that they are not the cause of your divorce, but you should avoid sharing intimate details with them. To the extent possible, do not say anything negative about your ex because this will only make co-parenting more difficult and will encourage your child to act out. 


Prepare Your Resources in Advance

Do not be surprised if your child needs therapy to cope with you getting divorced. Do your research in advance to find a local, qualified therapist to work with your teenager. Additionally, be ready to share with your teenager as many of the details as possible about the logistics of the divorce and what this means for your child's life going forward. It is only natural that your child will be anxious to know how this situation will immediately affect their life. If you are able to keep your child in the same school, sports, and other activities, this will provide some continuity and stability throughout a scary and complex process. 


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