How to Stage Your Condo in Manhattan for a Quicker Sale

Staging Your Condo in ManhattanThe Manhattan real estate market moves at lightning speed. This makes it imperative that sellers do everything they can to maximize the chances of their property getting noticed and seen by the largest possible number of potential buyers.

One of the ways to do this is to stage your condo or coop. "Staging" refers to making your apartment look its absolute best before it goes on the market. Accordingly, when pictures of your apartment go online, potential buyers will be lining up around the block to get a better look.

When you stage your apartment, the first step likely is to eliminate clutter. This can be a difficult, time-consuming step, but it is worthwhile. Not only will your coop or condo look better in photographs and during tours but also you won't have to move a lot of unnecessary items to your new home.

With the clutter gone, it's time to do a deep cleaning. Make certain that surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms and the floors in every room are particularly clean and attractive.

Before your home is shown, make certain to let in the light. Pull back curtains and raise the blinds before potential buyers arrive. Also, pay attention to your artificial lighting. Clean or replace dingy shades and dated fixtures so that people see your apartment in the best possible light.

It also may be advisable to remove at least some of your furniture from the coop or condo. A good rule of thumb is to eliminate about half of your existing pieces. You can rent off-site storage for this purpose. While this sounds like an extreme step to some sellers, it can make a huge difference. Buyers will see your apartment as much larger, giving them plenty of space for their own stuff.

While legal advice is not necessarily required when selling real estate in Manhattan, it is advisable to seek some guidance from a lawyer. An experienced real estate attorney can help you to sign a fair and balanced agreement with the Realtor who will assist you with the selling process and go over all paperwork that is associated with the real estate transaction. With their assistance, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your best interests are protected.

If you would like more advice concerning how to stage your condo or coop regarding any legal assistance with home buying or selling, contact the Sabra Law Group at (646) 472-7971.


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