How to Recognize the Warning Signs of Divorce

Warning Signs of DivorceWith divorce rates increasing every year, it is important to recognize the warning signs of divorce.  By recognizing the signs early on, there may be a chance to save your marriage or at least give it your best shot.


Some of the most common warning signs of divorce are:


  1. Being emotionally closed off:  when your spouse wants to have an open and honest discussion about your marriage and you react by not making time for your spouse, or simply ignoring them; the end result can be that they are left feeling shut down and hurt.  Even if you are unable to emotionally open up at the time, it is best to communicate that with your spouse and perhaps ask for a timeframe that would make it comfortable for you to open up. 
  2. Lying or withholding information:  Withholding information is just as bad as lying.  A marriage is built off of trust and when that trust is lost, it can lead to resentment.  When your spouse realizes that you have been lying to them, especially repeatedly; the end result can be divorce.  Instead of lying to your spouse, try to address the issue in a calm manner and if you were at fault, it is best to acknowledge that. 
  3. Lack of affection or intimacy:  Remember in the beginning of the relationship when you showed affection towards your spouse everyday by doing things that showed you cared or planning a special romantic getaway?  Sometimes, life can get in the way and we forget to focus on the little things that were once so “easy”, effortless and exciting. It is important to make an effort to show affection and create special moments in order to keep romance in the marriage.
  4. Constant arguing/fighting: If you find yourselves arguing or bickering over matters that are insignificant on a frequent basis, this can be a red flag.  It is imperative to evaluate why you are arguing and is the argument really relevant or are you just arguing because in your mind, the marriage is already done and you have simply stopped making an effort.  If you are looking to save your marriage, it may be a good idea to have a candid conversation about why you are always arguing and agree to not turn every discussion into a heated argument. 


If you are recognizing warning signs of divorce and have decided that your marriage is not salvable, it may be time to consult an experienced divorce mediation attorney who can guide you on the next steps and how to best protect your children and assets. 


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