How to Prepare for a Virtual Divorce Mediation in Manhattan 

To keep the divorce process moving along, you have decided to use virtual divorce mediation services. This is a great idea for couples that are interested in finalizing their divorces as soon as possible but are still having trouble making final agreements.

Virtual divorce mediation is a great way to get everyone together at one time and manage the issues of the divorce. The mediation process will be managed just like an in-person meeting. The use of a virtual setting just helps people find times where they can all meet to discuss the issues while adhering to the local health requirements due to the pandemic.

How to Prepare for Virtual Divorce Mediation

When you attend a virtual divorce mediation meeting, you will need to have everything ready just as if you were meeting in person. All people are encouraged to:

Attend the meeting on time: One of the benefits of a virtual meeting is being able to get people together sooner because they can attend from a convenient location. Make sure you plan on showing up 10 minutes early to allow extra time for any tech issues. 

Have all documents ready that have been requested: Have digital copies of these files so that they can be distributed during the meeting if necessary. Make sure that you make a folder on your computer that you can quickly and easily access.  Also create sub-folders within this folder so you can categorize items according to what you will be discussing such as custody, child support, etc. 

Remain involved in the meeting: A virtual meeting should be treated just like any other meeting. Your active participation is necessary for the virtual meeting to be a success.

Speak with Experienced Divorce Mediators

Divorce can be complex. This is especially true when neither party seems to want to agree with any terms of the divorce. When you need a fresh look at the divorce negotiations, it is recommended that you speak with a Manhattan divorce mediator. A mediator does not have an interest in either side of the issue, so they can provide an unbiased opinion on the issues that cannot be resolved.

Need Assistance with Divorce Mediation in Manhattan? 

If you need to have mediation services so that you can conclude your divorce, contact Sabra Law Group. Our certified divorce mediators can help you bring your divorce to its conclusion so that you can begin to rebuild your new life. If you need to speak with a divorce mediator in Manhattan, call 646.472.7971 today.








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