How to Manage Your Social Media Use During Your Child Custody Case

Social media is a huge part of everyday life, however; your social media presence may be criticized during a child custody case. And if you're wondering if what you post on social media can have a negative impact on your child custody case the answer is absolutely. It is important to be intentional and strategic with your social media usage during your child custody case.


You may consider making tweaks to how you use social media and how often you post and be especially careful of what you post.


Below Are Some Tips for Managing Your Social Media During Your Child Custody Case in New York


Tip 1: Ask your attorney for legal guidance on how to best manage your social media accounts based on your specific case. Your New York divorce lawyer or divorce mediation attorney can guide you through the process in terms of what's going to help put you in the best light. Working with a knowledgeable Manhattan divorce lawyer may help you with your child custody case.


Tip 2: Do not delete evidence. While it's tempting to easily hit the delete button and delete posts that you think might be incriminating to your case; again, it is best to again consult your attorney first.  They can best advise you on how to handle the deletion of existing social media posts.


Tip 3: Consider limiting your social media usage by staying off social media altogether. Sometimes it's difficult to discern the impact of what you are posting. If you're the type of person who is more impulsive and posts on social media when your emotions are high; it may be best to just take a social media break until after your custody case is over.


Tip 4: Even if your social media is private keep in mind that the people you have already accepted as connections will have access to everything that is on your page including your post, your stories, and your content. Keep in mind that nowadays it is easy to take a screenshot and share it with your soon-to-be ex-spouse.


Tip 5: Do not discuss the details of your child custody case on social media. It may be tempting to share what a difficult day you had because your spouse is giving you a hard time, however, it is best to keep that off social media. Instead, call a friend or a close family member.  You can also seek the help of a qualified therapist if you want to keep your personal life more private.


Tip 6: Be careful in sharing your expensive spending habits on social media.  A huge part of a child custody case is the financial aspect of it, and that could be detrimental to your case if you're posting extravagant photos of lavish trips and spending money like there's no tomorrow.


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