How to Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage

Keep the Spark Alive in Your Marriage


The euphoria of new love is all-consuming. However, if the relationship persists over the long term, the euphoria doesn't last. Reality sets in. Both partners begin to feel that they don't want to spend every moment together, and they start recognizing flaws in each other and the relationship. 

These changes are natural. If the couple remains committed to the relationship, there's little reason why it can't succeed over many years. Nonetheless, many couples would love to recapture some of that early magic. For those of you who have been wondering how to keep the spark alive in your marriage, you may find that communication is the answer. 

One key to better communication is to simply put down your cell phone. Whether you are at home, dining at a restaurant or driving somewhere, this is an opportunity to talk and reconnect with your spouse. Don't spend it checking Facebook or playing a game when you have a chance to enjoy a real conversation with the person you love the most. 

While it is always a good idea to make a point of saying "I love you," other words of love and encouragement can mean just as much. Tell your partner that you're proud of him or let her know that she means the world to you. These little phrases can make a big difference, and they give your partner a warm, fuzzy feeling. 

Keeping the spark alive in your marriage also may involve doing things socially as a couple. Being out with a group of friends, acquaintances or colleagues gives you a chance to see a different side of your partner. Admire the way that they interact with others, and let them know about your reaction at the end of the night. It's a wonderful way to show that you appreciate your partner's many facets. 

Also, try to set aside one night a week for date night. Make it an opportunity to try new things or revisit old favorites that you enjoyed while dating. These shared experiences and opportunities for intimacy are invaluable in a relationship. 

If you are no longer concerned with keeping the spark alive in your marriage and instead seek a healthy path forward to the dissolution of your partnership, contact the Sabra Law Group at 646-472-7971. With a focus on mediation to resolve differences, these legal professionals have helped many families heal and move on with optimism.


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