How to Be Single After a Divorce in New York

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After being married for many years, one tends to lose themselves and get tangled up in the “relationship” of the marriage.  So, when a marriage ends, one has to learn how to be single after a divorce in New York. 

In this article are five tips to cope with being single after a stressful divorce:

  1. Spend time rediscovering yourself:  Perhaps you gave up a lot of yourself, including your interests, just because your spouse hated doing those things; now that you are newly single, this is the opportunity to rediscover the things that make you the happiest.  Taking the time to remember what you loved when you were single or when you were a child, remembering in your favorite hobbies and activities that you loved so much before the marriage and trying them out again to relearn who you are and what you enjoy.
  2. Make some new friends and grow your support system: it is essential to have a strong support system during and after a divorce.  If all of your spare time during your marriage was spent with your spouse or spouse’s friends, it is important to create friendships of your own now.  Joining your local community center, house of worship, or joining community outreach projects may be a good place to start.
  3. Make time for fun:  plan a weekend getaway or take a trip to a new destination you have always wanted to go to.  Celebrate your new found freedom by exploring a new city or country.
  4. Slowly start dating:  there is no rush to jump into another relationship, give yourself time to rediscover yourself and make sure you love yourself first before you pursue a new relationship. It has been said that if you can love yourself, then you are ready to be loved by another. Nobody can love you more than you love yourself.  There are no rules to how long you should wait until dating after a divorce, however, you have to do what is best for you and what you are comfortable with
  5. Join a committee or group:  there are tons of groups for all types of interests, you can join a committee and get more involved, or volunteer for a non for profit.   For instance, if you are an animal lover, you can volunteer at a local shelter.  The busier you stay; the less time you will have to dwell on your divorce, you will make new friends and new connections.   You can find groups on sites such as,, and

If you know someone that is going through a divorce or has been recently divorced, share this article with them to help them deal with being single after a divorce in New York.  

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