How Mediation and Collaborative Divorce Can Help You Prepare for the Future

DivorceIf you and your spouse have decided to pursue a divorce, you both know that the basic truth is that your relationship is just not working anymore. Many times, when a marriage comes to an end, there is plenty of emotional damage and bad blood to go around. This gets worse when the process is litigated in court. Both parties, through their lawyers, tend to focus on betrayals, disappointments, and past wrongdoings, making the procedure even more bitter.

Conversely, utilizing either a mediator or collaborative divorce method can dissolve a marriage cooperatively and with civility. It also saves both parties from going to court and having their dirty laundry entered into the public records.

Mediation and a Collaborative Divorce Explained

We’ve all heard about how divorce works. The separated couple enters the court, and the attorneys argue their respective clients’ positions. Afterwards, a judge will decide how the children’s custody arrangement will work and how assets will be divided. These hearings can get quite contentious.

So, what are mediating and collaborative divorces, and how are they different from typical divorces? They are processes where a couple works together to come to a fair and equitable settlement without involving the court. They are both usually more cost-effective than litigation and also much faster. However, each process is different from the other.

The former is guided by an unbiased mediator who alone works with the couple by suggesting compromises, asking questions, brainstorming ideas, and ensuring decisions are fair to both parties. He or she also makes sure that the discussion stays on track which prevents arguments. Attorneys are not usually involved.

The latter does not have one person overseeing the process. Instead, there is a team of professionals present with one common goal. That goal, of course, is to get through the proceedings in as simple a manner as possible. The team typically consists of an independent neutral mediation, independent neutral financial counselor, an independent neutral psychologist or mental health professional, as well as both spouses and their attorneys. The team will work in tandem to come up with equitable solutions.

Keep your Children in Mind

Mediation and collaborative divorces are especially appropriate for divorcing couples with children to consider. It is important to reduce as much conflict as possible between the parents since divorce is already hard enough on the children.

Keeping the relationship cordial between co-parenting former spouses is crucial. The respect between parents needs to remain intact even if the marriage has failed. That way, both parents will be able to raise their children together in two happy homes without tension.

Mediating and collaborative divorces also ensure that you and your spouse make all the important decisions with regard to your family, taking that power out of the court’s hands.

Speak with a Mediator or Collaborative Divorce Attorney

Call Sabra Law Group at 646-472-7971 today to discuss your options with regard to collaborative divorce and mediation. As a mediator or collaborative divorce attorney, Sabra will create a respectful place to communicate that is both safe and confidential. Even in the most hostile of situations, our office will encourage compromise and flexibility. Come in today and we will discuss your options and answer all your questions.

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