How Long Should You Be Engaged to Someone Before Getting Married?

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There are no set time limits on how long you should date someone before getting engaged or how long you should be engaged before marriage. The one important factor to remember is that the length of time you spend with someone determines how well you get to know them. The longer you know someone, it gives you the opportunity to see them in multiple situations; good or bad.

Furthermore, it allows you to see how they handle stress, and it gives you a gauge for determining if they are being genuine with you or putting on an act.

According to The Knot Publication, an average engagement is about 14.5 months. This number indicates that the couple has enough time to plan a wedding while handling day-to-day obligations such as their work and family.

Another study conducted by Emory University in 2015, found some interesting statistics:

  • Waiting one to two years significantly drops the likelihood of divorce by 20%
  • Waiting three or more years drops the likelihood of divorce even more by 50%

It is reasonable to conclude from this study that the longer a couple dates before marriage, the higher the likelihood of a successful marriage.

While you are in the engagement stage, it is also advisable to ask your fiancée various questions that will help you determine compatibility as well as if you have common life goals.

Some Questions to Ask Each Other:

  1. Do you want kids?
  2. How many kids do you want?
  3. What city will we live in once married?
  4. What religion will the children be raised as?
  5. How will the finances be handled?
  6. Who will take care of the kids and who will be the breadwinner
  7. Will you still keep separate bank accounts or will everything become a joint account?
  8. What are your non-negotiables?
  9. Where you see yourself 5-7 years from now?
  10. Will you make time for your spouse and prioritize them or will your career/work come first?
  11. Will there be a Prenuptial Agreement?

Getting Married? Need Assistance with a Prenup?

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