How Good Communication Skills Can Help You Have a Healthy Marriage

Healthy Marriage Good communication skills are vital to a healthy marriage, and they are something that can be cultivated over time. Anyone can work towards effective communication, and marriage is no exception. There are tools and exercises to help you achieve that goal as a couple, and you can also work with a licensed therapist to make sure that you are putting those principles into practice for a healthy marriage. 

Tackling the Major Issues Without Procrastination

One of the most fundamental things to understand about good communication skills in a marriage is that they are impossible to develop without tackling serious issues that present problems in a marriage. When communication is not healthy in a marriage, the tendency is for each partner to ignore the most pressing issues for fear that they are going to create an explosive situation to deal with. Delaying the expression of those feelings with your partner only builds resentment allows small issues to escalate into larger ones over time. 

A good starting place is to make a list of the topics and issues that you have avoided sharing with your partner over a significant amount of time. Having them written down will allow you to realize just how many issues have been piling up. 

Sharing Private Feelings in Productive Ways

Finding a loving way to share your most intimate feelings can be overwhelming when you are carrying significant resentment and frustration. While you cannot control your partner's feelings or reactions, you can control your delivery of issues and feelings to be discussed. Frame the discussion from your point of view, and acknowledge that you are sharing your own perspective on things that have developed within your marriage without assuming what your partner might think or feel about the issues that you present. 

Exploring Mediation for Your New York Divorce

If you are not able to work together towards a healthy marriage, and if marital therapy isn’t helpful, some of our clients have found benefit in communicating together in a mediation setting.  Call attorney Sabra Sasson at 646-472-7971 today to find out how the mediation process can help you.  Or click here to schedule a complimentary call


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