How a New York Divorce Mediator Can Save You Money

Divorce can be an extremely expensive process, often dwindling away at the little bit of assets that the marital estate has and padding divorce attorney’s pockets.  A New York divorce mediator can help the parties work on an agreement with or without attorneys.  By turning to a New York divorce mediator, spouses can save money in the following ways. 

A mediator can help the parties address the issues that are really plaguing them.  Often in legal disputes, the focus is more on the factual and legal issues.  The human aspects of the case may be lost.  Mediation allows both parties to share their feelings of anger, sadness, grief and confusion.  Sometimes by expressing these emotions with a mediator who is familiar with helping the parties  tomove through  themin a way that will allow the couple to move forward so that they can then work on a mutually-agreeable resolution of their case. 

Parties who engage a mediator early in the process have the potential to save the most amount of money.  This is because typically when one begins working with an attorney, significant expenses are incurred at the beginning even before the case has even begun and this can be averred if the parties find that they can reach a workable solution early in the process. 

A mediator is not a decision maker.  Instead, he or she helps to facilitate communication between the parties and buffer offers to settle the case between them.  He or she represents neither party and instead is interested only in helping the parties craft an agreement with which they will both be satisfied. 

Because the parties have the power to agree or not agree and because they can craft solutions that are tailored to their needs and preferences, they are often able to come up with an agreement that they are both happy with, with the assistance of a mediator.  This also helps prevent future litigation since they are part of the solution.

To understand more about how mediation works and whether it is the right process for you and your spouse, contact Sabra Law Group, PLLC for a complementary Exploration Session by contacting our office today at 646-472-7971.

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