Forget the Trouble: A Prenup Saves You Money

The emotional and relationship roadblocks to an effective prenuptial agreement are well-known: Many people, in love and wanting to be optimistic about the chances of their newly-forged relationship, believe a prenup is unnecessary and potentially insulting.  The reality is a little different, of course; it’s a practical tool that has nothing to do, really, with love or trust.  It’s designed not so much to protect a “richer” spouse from the schemes of the “poorer” spouse, but to protect both spouses – and to save them both money.

Limiting the Damage

prenuptial agreement, properly crafted by an attorney experienced in the law governing assets, marriage, and estates, can not only spare people from the emotional and physical stress and the assault on their privacy that divorce litigation often represents, but also spares them any sort of delay at all once the decision to separate is made.  Even mediation, while less troublesome and damaging than litigation, represents a delay that can add stress to the whole procedure.

However, the greatest benefit of a prenuptial agreement is the financial savings, because a well-prepared agreement precludes the need for expensive court proceedings and keeps attorney’s fees to a bare minimum.  If the prenup is doing its job, there is no need for argument or conflict: All decision have already been made, and thus there’s little need for discussion or argument.  A separation agreement can be generated from the prenup easily and quickly, receive the blessing of the court, and a divorce decree entered quickly, and at minimum cost.

This financial savings benefits both spouses equally no matter what the agreed-upon distribution of wealth and assets, because they are each spared the expense of hammering out every detail of their separation.  A prenup is thus always advised.

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