A New York Mediator Shares What to Do if You Are Wavering About Divorce

New York Mediator

Ending a marriage is never easy and even concluding ending a marriage can cause a lot of confusion and mixed emotions. If you are contemplating divorce in New York, there are ways that you can get more clarity on if you should divorce or not. Below are some tips that can help you gain more certainty in your divorce.


Make a List of Why You Want to Get Divorced


Evaluate what your reasons are for wanting to get divorced to begin with. By making a list of why you're wanting to end your marriage it may help you to see it on paper.  You can also weigh the pros and cons of staying in the marriage versus leaving the marriage. If the cons of staying in marriage outweigh the pros, then that might be something to reflect upon.


Have Open and Empathic Conversations with Your Spouse


If you are considering divorce, open communication with your spouse is going to be instrumental in coming to the right decision. And a marriage involves two people so it's not only what you think but you also have to take your spouse’s feelings and perspective into play.


If your spouse has opposing views than yours; still, try to listen and show empathy for their feelings.


Get Help from a Marriage Counselor or Couples Counseling


Try couples counseling or marriage counseling. A marriage counselor can help you identify some of the issues in your marriage and help you determine if those issues are resolvable or not.


How Will Divorce Impact Your Children’s Day-to-Day Life


You may want to consider how the divorce will impact your children. If you are going to divorce you also need to be cognizant of how the decisions, you make today will impact your children for the future. Try to consider things like is it best for your children to remain at the same school or would going to a new school be a good thing for them.  Depending on what the living and custody arrangements are for your children, you should be aware of the impact that will have on your children’s day to day life. 


While you should consider putting your children’s interest first when it comes to important matters in your divorce; is it also important to take your needs into consideration.


Are You Prepared to Deal with the Financial Implications of Divorce?


It is also imperative to consider the financial implications of divorce. Depending on what your financial situation looks like you might want to consider divorce mediation versus going to court and litigating your divorce. The longer a divorce takes to settle in court the more out of pocket you will have to pay for costs associated with getting divorced. If you're unsure about which option is right for you consult a New York divorce attorney and mediator who can advise you.


Other financial implications will include if you can financially sustain having two separate households and who will be paying for what.


Still Unsure About Divorce? Speak to a New York Divorce Attorney to Learn What Your Options Are!


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