A Brooklyn Divorce Mediation Lawyer Shares How Long Divorce Can Take

Once you decide that you want out of the marriage you probably want to end the marriage as soon as possible; so you can move on with the rest of your life. The length of time it will take for your divorce to be finalized will depend on many different factors and variables. If you choose to mediate your divorce rather than litigate it, that will help the divorce process move along faster than litigating your case. If you have questions about which option is right for you, contact our Brooklyn divorce mediation lawyer today at (646) 472-7971.


What Happens If There Are Children Involved?


When children are involved in the divorce that brings up the issues of child support and child custody.  Because these matters can be complicated, it is advisable to work together to resolve these issues in mediation.  If you have a difficult spouse and are unable to come to an agreement, it could take even longer to resolve in court.


The Court Will Consider Which Parent Can Meet the Best Needs of the Child


The court will want to know if the child has a safe place to live and who will be taking care of the children emotionally and physically. The court will also want to know which parent was responsible for taking care of the child most of the time (who stayed at home with the child while the other parent worked). The court will also want to determine if there was any child abuse by either of the parents or if the children may have been exposed to domestic violence.


Splitting Up Assets and Properties Can Also Delay the Divorce


Depending on how many shared assets you acquired as a married couple, it may complicate the divorce process. If both partners decide to battle over a summer home or even a family business, it can add to the duration of time it may take to finalize a divorce. Again, if these issues can be resolved together in mediation, it will significantly reduce the time to finalize your divorce, but if you cannot agree together then the court will need to decide those issues for you.

Brooklyn Divorce Mediation Lawyer

Be Up Front with Your Divorce Lawyer


Your divorce lawyer is there to help you with the divorce process so that it can go as smoothly as possible. The more upfront and honest you are with your divorce lawyer in Brooklyn the better your outcome will be. Remember that your lawyer has your best interest in mind.  If you can resolve many issues upfront and avoid going to court, it may help speed up the divorce process. Mediating your divorce can also save you money and is less stressful than a court-litigated divorce. Provide your divorce attorney with as much information as possible so they can guide you on which option is best.


Filing Divorce Papers with the Court


Once you consult your Brooklyn divorce mediation lawyer the next step is to determine a plan for filing divorce papers with the court to discuss how long your divorce might take.


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