5 Reasons Couples Get Divorced in Manhattan

5 Reasons Couples Get Divorced in Manhattan


There can be many different reasons for married couples getting divorced in Manhattan, however, some reasons are more prevalent than others.


5 Reasons Couples File for Divorce in Manhattan, New York


One of the most common factors that breaks up a marriage is infidelity. Extramarital affairs are common when couples are not happy in their marriage. They are looking outside for what they are lacking in their marriage.  For others, there may not be a specific reason for cheating, and it may just be something they are compelled to do.  For many spouses, an affair is a deal breaker and causes major conflict in a marriage; that ultimately leads to divorce.

Growing Apart

Another factor that causes Manhattan couples to file for divorce is growing apart. This can happen if one spouse might be a workaholic and works a lot and is traveling all the time. This can also happen because as people grow older their interests change. When the other spouse does not show interest in what their spouse is interested in, it can cause them to grow apart. Another scenario is if one spouse has worked on improving themselves and the other spouse has stayed stagnant.

Money Problems

Financial problems can be a major cause of divorce because it causes so much strain on a marriage. Furthermore, if one partner is not pulling in their weight financially, it puts extra burden on the spouse who is bringing in the income. Another scenario is if one spouse spends money like crazy and the other one is more frugal. All these factors can lead to financial incompatibility.

Lack of Communication

When married couples are not able to communicate with each other effectively and frequently it can cause strain on a marriage. If a couple is consistently fighting but they're not able to get past their fight and apologize to each other; it leaves a lot of unresolved issues.  The lack of communication can cause resentment for both parties. If married couples cannot learn from the experience and grow together as a couple, it can cause them to drift in separate directions.

Abusive Spouse and/or Domestic Abuse

Domestic abuse is one of the primary reasons couples get divorced across the nation. The abuse can be mental or physical but when it continues to happen on an ongoing basis it can cause the abused spouse to leave the marriage. No one wants to live in a miserable marriage and on top of it be abused by their mate. Some people they stay in a marriage way longer than they should for the sake of the kids. But ultimately, it's essential to put your mental and physical health above all. An abusive spouse can leave an emotional toll that can take years of therapy to get over.  The sooner an abused spouse can get away from their abusive spouse, the less damage there will be in the long run.

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