New York Divorce Lawyer Shares How to Rediscover Yourself After a Divorce

So after 25 years of marriage you find yourself searching for a “New York Divorce Lawyer” and you are now faced with spending life without your spouse, now what happens?  Many people can lose their identity in a marriage and thus, feel as though they have lost themselves. 


Simple Ways to Rediscover Yourself After a Divorce


  1. Get a new hobby:  try something new that you have always wanted to do but never took the time to do.   Whether you have wanted to try ballroom dancing or learn to ski, take the first step and book that first class.   Getting out of the house and learning a new skill or doing a new activity is not only good for your soul but is also a great way to make some new friends.
  2. Join a group:  go online and research women’s/men’s groups and find one that fits into your passions.   Whether it is a business networking group or a social group; you may find comfort in being surrounded by men or women who empower and support each other.
  3. Adopt a pet:  if you don’t have a pet or just want to add another furry friend to the family, adopting a pet can be a very fulfilling process.   There are pet shelters all over the United States that have pets available for adoption for a small fee.   A pet can also elevate your mood and cure loneliness.  
  4. Join Toastmaster’s:  not only will you sharpen your professional speaking skills, but Toastmasters can help you get your voice back; that was possibly lost in your marriage.
  5. Take a vacation (alone):  go travel the world if you are able to and discover the beauty globally or at least take a 3-4 day vacation and do things that you would have not done when you were with your spouse, such as dining alone.   The more you push yourself to do things outside of your comfort zone, the more comfortable those things will become in the future.
  6. Go to a retreat:  work on yourself and go to a retreat that involves meditation, healthy eating, and overcoming any limiting beliefs. 
  7. Start that business: if you have always wanted to have your own business, go ahead and start that business.  Start taking steps towards your goals and create something that has a deeper meaning than just money.   
  8. Take care of your health:  join a gym or sign up for fitness classes and commit to leading a healthy lifestyle where you put yourself first.


If you have a friend that is going through a divorce, share this article with them so they can rediscover themselves after or during a divorce. 


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