Manhattan Child Custody Mediator Explains What You Should Know About Relocating After Divorce

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If you are considering moving to a new state after your divorce, it is important to put your children’s best interest first in addition to considering the other parent’s custody rights.


Consult a Local Divorce Attorney for Laws That Apply to Your State


Laws on custodial rights and relocating your children may vary from state to state, however, usually the custodial parent has to provide the noncustodial parent with a formal written notice with the intent to move. If the noncustodial parent wants to object to the move, he or she can file a formal objection with the court.  Once the objection with the court has been filed, it is up to the judge to schedule a “move away” trial and determine what is in the best interest of the children’s welfare.


Some Factors That the Court Uses to Determine the Outcome


  1. The stability of the children’s relationship is evaluated as well as the extent of involvement from each parent and even grandparents or siblings.
  2. The actual intent behind the parent seeking the move as well as the parent opposing the move.
  3. Any prior patterns of relocation that indicate what type of impact it had on the children
  4. Evaluating the quality of life that the relocation may provide for the children
  5. The financial implications of the move or prevention of the move
  6. The age of the children as well as their maturity level



A Manhattan Child Custody Mediator Can Help


It is possible to resolve the issue of relocating with children without taking it to court.  A child custody mediator can help you resolve difficult issues pertaining to child custody without the stress and added financial expenses of court.  There are a lot of considerations that have to be sorted out such as:  who will pay for the children’s travel to be able to see the noncustodial parent, and if the children’s schedule with school would allow time for visits during the year and what times of the year those visits would be scheduled.


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