How to Determine If You Should Get a Divorce in New York

Couples filing for divorce after the holidays continues to rise.  If you are considering filing for divorce in 2017, do some soul searching and make sure your decision to divorce is not a spontaneous one.  In order to effectively evaluate if divorce is the best option for you, start by asking yourself the below questions:  

  1. Do you still have feelings for your spouse? Some couples say they want to get a divorce, even though they still have feelings for their partner.The reason for wanting a divorce could be due to a lack of intimacy or drifting apart.It is important to get more clarity on your feelings and only then take any action that involves a life-changing decision.
  2. Are you reacting emotionally?Did something happen in your marriage to set you off? If the answer is “yes” it is wise to not make major decisions based only on emotion.Reacting emotionally to an already difficult situation will not help you in resolving the issues that you have with your spouse.
  3. Divorce comes with consequences, are you prepared to handle those consequences? Divorce can bring with it fear, uncertainty, stress, depression, and loneliness.Make sure you have a support system in place if you plan on filing for divorce.
  4. Are you prepared to change your financial situation and current lifestyle? If the answer is “no”, then you are not ready for divorce.
  5. Are you prepared to take full responsibility for taking care of yourself: financially, emotionally, and mentally? Taking responsibility for yourself also means doing what is best for the children and everyone involved in your family.Are you capable of being respectful and understanding of your spouse’s point of view? This will be the true test of handling divorce in a mature way.
  6. Can you pin-point the real reason you want to get divorced? If you can’t determine the root of your desire to get a divorce in New York, then it is not a good idea to rush into divorce.Your reason for wanting a divorce should be clearly defined and if that means evaluating the type of behavior you are willing to put up with or not from your spouse; then by all means set your boundaries.

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