Why Many Married Couples Put off Divorce During the Holidays but Are Now Moving Forward with Filing

filing for divorce January is traditionally known as “Divorce Month” because there is an increase in divorce filings and inquiries. People wait until January because they do not want to break the news of divorce to their spouse during the holidays.  When there are children involved, it makes it exceptionally hard to split during the holidays because you will have to break the news of divorce to your children. 

Many married couples may have actually decided that they wanted to get divorced before the holidays, but they just decided to wait until January to start the divorce process. 

One of the main reasons that married couples put off divorce is due to the financial implications of divorce.  Expenses are generally higher during the holidays.  

It is also important to have a plan for how you are going to sustain yourself financially if you were to separate or get divorced from your spouse. 

Some important financial considerations are: 

•    Where will you live?  How much will it cost you? 
•    Do you have any savings apart from your joint account with your spouse?
•    What are your total monthly expenses?
•    Are you currently working right now, or do you need to find a job in order to split from your spouse?
•    How will the financial obligations for the children be handled?  Who will pay for what? 

It is also important to note that couples who have been dealing with a lot of financial stress due to pandemic related struggles such as unemployment, and slow business has caused many marriages to crumble.  

The combination of quarantine and being isolated from friends and family has contributed to magnifying existing issues in a marriage. 

Another reason why many married couples may have put off divorce is out of the concern and well-being of their children; however, when the marriage becomes more and more of a burden, it may be time to plan an exit strategy. 

Even young children can sense when something is off with their parents…no matter how much your spouse irritates you, it is best to keep your cool in front of your children and save those heated discussions for when your children are not present. 

Are You Ready to Move Forward with Filing for Divorce?

If you are ready to move forward with filing for divorce or need some guidance regarding divorce and family law matters, contact Sabra Law Group today for a confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971. 






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