Why Divorce Mediation Works for Couples Going Through a Divorce in New York

Divorce in New York

Divorce mediation provides an environment that allows both parties to communicate effectively; thus having their point of view understood so they can move forward collectively and work together on resolution.


The mediation is facilitated by an experienced divorce mediator who is able to help the couple come to important decisions pertaining to child support, child custody, finances, and division of assets.  Even though a divorce mediator can assist with amicably dividing up assets; it is advisable to have a Prenup agreement to protect your assets and ensure that your best interests are protected. 


The primary goal of the divorce mediator is to assist both parties in reaching a decision that they are in agreement with.  It is important to understand that the mediator is not a judge and cannot make any rulings or decisions for you and your spouse with regard to any of the issues, such as child custody, child support or alimony.  The mediator’s role is to foster open communication between both parties so that the parties can come to an agreeable decision without having to litigate and present their case before a judge. 


The Following Are Some Benefits Associated with Divorce Mediation:


  1. Economical: resolving a dispute via mediation allows you to save money that you may otherwise have to pay when litigating your divorce.
  2. Less Stressful:  having a mediator allows your divorce to be less stressful because you don’t have to work out the most difficult issues on your own.
  3. Less Conflicts:  mediation allows you to have less conflicts in your household until the divorce is finalized as many of the important decisions that need to be made during a divorce will be determined in mediation vs. at the dinner table in front of the children.
  4. Positive Impact on The Children: because mediation is generally less stressful than litigation, it allows for a more peaceful home environment.  In mediation, the parents tend to cooperate with each other more, resulting in the children benefiting from a positive home environment.


Going Through a Divorce in New York?


If you are not sure if divorce mediation is the right option for you, get more clarity by speaking to an experienced divorce mediator in New York who can answer any questions you may have. 


Contact New York divorce mediator Sabra Sasson today for a confidential consultation at (646) 472-7971.




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