Upward and Onward

Upward & Onward Book LaunchWhen things in life feel hard or low, how do you handle it?  Do you keep to yourself and stay in, not wanting to be around others?  Do you hit the snooze button repeatedly to delay the start of your day and avoid facing the reality of what’s really going on?  Do you find things to keep yourself busy so that you don’t have to think about or deal with life’s stresses?

How you handle the routine daily stresses can have an impact on your day, your job and your loved ones.  And, if your world is being turned upside down by a traumatic life event such as Divorce in New York, it can be exacerbated and be even more stressful. 

You may be familiar with how you handle stresses around work, home, money or relationship because you have had many opportunities to face these and deal with them. However, you probably do not have much experience dealing with Divorce and so you might be worrying and stressing yourself over many questions –

Questions about division of assets and debts, visitation, and support?



And you might have other concerns regarding religious divorces, annulments, what to do with any real estate or businesses?

And what professionals you might need to speak with who can help you through this process.

If you are like the many couples who divorce each year, you might be online and trying to do research about what you can do, how you can protect yourself and what your rights are.

And that can take many hours to research – and much of the information online is misleading and may not be applicable to your situation.  And friends and family share their opinions which may be well intentioned and likely not applicable to you.

Wouldn’t you like to find your answers all in one place, without wondering if the information is accurate and without having to spend hours and hours of heart wrenching time pouring over hundreds of internet pages hoping to find something that can help?

Here is your answer…..

In December 2015, a book was published called Onward and Upward: Guide For Getting Through New York Divorce and Family Law Issues which is a wonderful resource.  (Sabra R. Sasson Esq. of Sabra Law Group, PLLC wrote four sections of the book).  It is complete with information about anything you might ever want to know about getting divorced in New York and other family issues.

It is not intended to be read through from cover to cover, but as a resource.  We understand that every situation is different, just as every person is different, so too will your Divorce.  You might be concerned about custody and visitation (and you will find answers on pages 87 and 107), or you might want to understand what could happen to your home in divorce (see page 313), or perhaps you might want to consult with a divorce coach (see page 411), psychotherapist (page 419) or what will happen to the family pet (page 361).  Maybe you are interested in understanding whether you can get your marriage annulled (page 273). 

As you can see, this book covers more than what can be described here in this article and if you are going through divorce, this just might be the resource you need to get you the answers to whatever is keeping you up at night.  The cost of this book is far less than it is costing you in lack of sleep, hours and hours of online researching, getting misinformation from well-intentioned friends and family.

You can purchase your copy of the book here.

And, if you have an urgent issue that can’t wait for when you get the book in your hands, please contact Sabra Law Group, PLLC today at 646-472-7971.  We have been helping couples and individuals get their questions and concerns answered quickly and in a way that you can understand for a decade and we can help you get through their divorce in New York.  Visit our website and contact our office today.

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