New York Divorce Mediator Discusses How to Tell Your Spouse You Want a Divorce

So you have hung on to your marriage for as long as you could. Maybe you did it for the sake of the children? Maybe you stayed for financial or religious reasons?  After being in an unhappy marriage for years, you have come to the conclusion that you want out, however, the hardest part is communicating that you want a divorce to your spouse. 

Since divorce is a very delicate topic, it must be handled with the utmost sensitivity and strategic planning. How you tell your spouse that you want a divorce will more than likely shape the outcome of the divorce.

When it is time to break the news, choose the right setting and time.  Make sure that the kids are either not home or already in bed and make sure that your spouse has not already had a bad day. 

Chances are that your spouse does have some idea that you are not happy in the marriage, however, they may not realize that you are so unhappy that it has come to this.  The more shocked your spouse is to hear the news, the harder it will be for them to accept the news…and it is very likely that they will try to talk you out of your decision to divorce.

If your spouse is shocked, there is also a chance that they may get angry and make all kinds of accusations; it is important during this time to stay calm and let them talk without defending yourself.  You have dropped a bomb on them and now they have the right to express their feelings and tell you how they feel about getting a divorce. 

The First Divorce Discussion Will Not Be the Last

Because divorce is such a complex process and generally there are children and assets involved, there will have to be many conversations to come to an amicable decision.  However, there are times when it is not possible to come to an amicable resolution without the assistance of a savvy divorce mediator. 

If you feel like your conversations with your spouse are not progressing, it may be time to consider divorce mediation.  A New York divorce mediator can assist you sort through the difficult issues that come up in dissolving a marriage.

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