Negotiating a Divorce Settlement Agreement Guided by a New York Divorce Mediator

When working with a trained mediator in a divorce mediation setting, both participants will be expected to actively participate, contribute to the discussions and the conversation and work together toward reaching a divorce settlement.

This may seem odd to some people because if these two people were able to work things out together, wouldn’t they be staying married?  Not necessarily. 

When a marriage is ending, the couple has the choice to decide how they get divorced, how the issues in their divorce get resolved.  If they choose to mediate their divorce, then they are choosing to work together (as difficult as it may be) and negotiate their divorce settlement. 

A New York divorce mediator can guide you through the process and make sure that you don’t lose sight of what is important.  The divorce mediator can also help you communicate effectively so you are able to articulate what is important to you and what your position is.  And the mediator will give each spouse the opportunity to state their point of view, seeking clarification and information on each of the issues to be discussed and resolved.

To maximize your meeting with the divorce mediator, it is a good idea to have as much information as possible; such as a list of your assets and debts and their value and possible parenting arrangements that you and your spouse are open to exploring further.

In order to negotiate a successful divorce settlement, it is essential to be willing to compromise and furthermore, make a conscious effort to listen and be open to understanding your spouse’s point of view. It will be important to not be attached to a particular outcome, so that a resolution can be reached.  Often times the agreement that is reached in mediation is very different from what either spouse had envisioned for the result. 

After the participants have come to an agreement, either the divorce mediator or divorce attorney will draft the agreement.  For divorcing couples that have children, there may also be a parenting plan that needs to be filed.  The court has the legal right to enforce the agreements if either party charters off course in the agreed upon arrangements. Another benefit of a mediated divorce is that since a mediated settlement is reached by the efforts of both participants reaching agreeable terms, it is unlikely that either party will violate any of the agreement terms. 

New York Divorce Mediator Can Help You Negotiate an Amicable Divorce Settlement

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