Manhattan Divorce Mediator Discusses The Importance of Cooperation in Divorce Mediation

Manhattan Divorce MediatorDivorce mediation is only effective if both parties cooperate with each other.  The overall concept of divorce mediation is based on the foundation of being reasonable, transparent, and upfront.  Of course, one’s idea of what is reasonable may differ from others. However, it is the role of the divorce mediator to assist in helping both parties to understand each parties’ interest and generate ideas for possible solutions.

In addition, the role of a divorce mediator is to stay neutral while listening and eliciting the perspectives of both parties.  An experienced divorce mediator will help the parties to generate their own solutions to a problem by identifying the problem, possible solutions and the importance of each possible solution to each party.  This way when the parties make a decision together as to how to solve the problem, they reach a resolution that works for both of them, which is different from making decisions based upon each party compromising and giving something up. 

An important aspect of cooperation means that you take some time to gather the appropriate documents and paperwork that may be required in the mediation process.  Any paperwork pertaining to finances or financial insight is a good place to start: retirement accounts, stocks, bonds, investments, bank accounts, real estate appraisals, and mortgage statements. 

Another important consideration is to acknowledge what your “non-negotiables” are and being prepared to discuss those openly with your Manhattan Divorce Mediator. 

Dealing with a divorce can be a stressful time for both parties as well as the children, although, remaining calm during the process will help you think clearly.   It is important to not make any harsh decisions during mediation, if you are stressed out during the decision making process, it is best to take a moment and carefully evaluate any major decisions that will impact your future as well as your children’s future.

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