Manhattan Divorce Mediation Lawyer Tells You How to Determine Whether Divorce Mediation is The Right Choice For You

Manhattan Divorce Mediation LawyerWhen deciding to end a marriage, what follows is a bevy of decisions to be made including HOW to get divorced. 

Will you do it on your own and try to figure out how to complete the forms and file them with the court in your jurisdiction?  Will you hire an attorney to duke out the terms between you and your spouse in court?  Will you hire a mediator who can help both you and your spouse to evaluate and make the decisions to be made in your divorce?

When considering mediation, there are many factors to consider.  Every situation is different and has different circumstances.  




Here are some guidelines you can use to determine if divorce mediation will be right for you or not.   These are guidelines only and presented here to help you to evaluate your situation.

Divorce Mediation is the Right Choice If:

  1. The decision to divorce is mutual
  2. If you and your spouse have no desire to reconcile
  3. You choose to remain on good terms with your spouse
  4. You can come to terms with and not blame your spouse entirely for the divorce
  5. You and your spouse can been forthcoming and honest with each other
  6. There is no physical violence in your relationship
  7. You want a better understanding of your financial situation

Divorce Mediation May Not Be Right for You If: 

  1. You feel threatened or intimidated by your spouse
  2. You are on very bad terms with your spouse
  3. You blame your spouse for the divorce and have a lot of animosity towards your spouse
  4. The relationship was abusive and you are not comfortable being in the same room together
  5. There is drug or alcohol abuse involved: it can lead to erratic behavior and damage any progress made via negotiation or mediation

Determining how to handle your divorce is always a difficult situation, especially when there are children involved.  The two most important factors to remember are:

  1. To put the best interest of the children first and foremost
  2. To consider the financial implications of litigation vs. mediation and access what makes the most sense from a financial standpoint

If you have questions about mediation, contact Manhattan Divorce Mediation Lawyer Sabra Sasson for a free case evaluation today at (646) 472-7971.

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