Manhattan Divorce Mediation Lawyer Shares 5 Tips On Dealing With Stress

Manhattan divorce mediation lawyer Sabra Sasson shares 5 tips on dealing with stress during mediation.  

Getting divorced is very stressful.  Add to that, matters pertaining to the divorce such as child custody, child support, spousal support and division of assets and debts that can take an emotional toll on all parties that are involved.  It is important to learn how to manage stress during this difficult time.   Here are some ways to minimize your stress level:

Spend Some Time Alone and Rediscover Yourself

Sometimes, it is easy to lose your own identity when you have been with your spouse for so many years.   Now that that period of your life is coming to an end, take some time to discover what you are passionate about and what makes you happy.   A quiet stroll along the beach, a day at the spa, a walk in the park is a perfect escape from everyday stress and provides a peaceful environment to focus on you.  Think back to a happy childhood moment and relive that moment.   By going back in time, it may reveal what makes you happy.


Even spending as little as 5 minutes a day to meditate and breathe deeply can lower your stress level.

Change Your Morning Routine

Instead of checking your work and personal emails the moment you wake up, opt to do something that you enjoy.  This can be reading a book, listening to music, getting a massage, writing in your journal, or listening to nature sounds.   A great app that provides sonic therapy for anxiety and stress relief is Naturespace, which can be downloaded via the Apple app store.      

Adopt a Pet or Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

According to WebMD, research has shown that living with pets helps lower blood pressure and reduces anxiety.     

Envision a Great Future

Visualize what your life will be like with the freedom that you have always wanted. Visualize a trip to an exotic destination or about the business venture you have always wanted to launch.

If you are considering divorce mediation, contact Manhattan Divorce Mediation Lawyer Sabra Sasson for a free consultation at (646) 472-7971.  

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