Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer Discusses How Communication is Key to a Peaceful Divorce

Manhattan Child Custody Lawyer


Do you find yourself thinking about getting a divorce but thinking how it could affect your child? Marriages often end due to lack of communication. It does not have to be true when ending one.

Mediation is an alternative to court-based divorce that allows divorcing couples to reach an agreement in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation. In Manhattan where couples are usually bound by personal obligations not to mention demanding work and business schedules, mediation works best since sessions can be scheduled at a mutually agreeable time, rather than the court’s schedule.

Mediation sessions allow the couple a separate time to think about and plan their own and their child’s future in a way that could impact less their finances, properties and their children’s lives. Mediation forces the couple to make time to talk, encouraging communication and thus the process usually takes a lot less time than having it in court.

Making an Informed Choice                                         

While divorcing couples could be sure of getting a divorce, they may be unsure how to go about it, specially with children’s future at stake. When children are involved, divorcing parents usually have the tendency to be protective over their children’s emotions and this could affect the entire divorce mediation process. The process could take longer and more expensive when spouses do not agree on custody of the child. It is important that the children’s best interest is secured. Choosing a neutral divorce mediator who is a specialist in child custody and family law is encouraged.

Child Custody and Support in Manhattan

New York state laws provide guidelines on child custody and support. It is important to carefully select a divorce mediator who knows the specific guidelines applicable in Manhattan child custody law. All aspects of custody, including visitation and support, should be taken into consideration by the lawyer. Note however that not all cases call for child custody mediation as when there is domestic violence or child abuse.

Child custody is incorporated in divorce settlement paperwork. A certified specialist in Manhattan child custody law could assist the couple to agree on terms of custody and visitation that could work well with the family. Terms of support could be discussed through the assistance of the lawyer without having to sacrifice the needs of the child and finances of the couple. Mediation allows the couples control over and plan their child’s future in an atmosphere of trust and confidentiality.

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