How to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation in New York

No issues are more sensitive in a divorce than those related to child custody. Holding a child custody mediation in New York is a constructive and positive means of resolution. Here are some thoughts on how to prepare for this important negotiation.           

1. Open Your Mind

A child custody mediation is not the place to air grievances against the other parent. Instead, it's the perfect time to address the best interests of your child. This means that it is imperative that you approach the process with an open mind rather than being determined to "win."

2. Put Your Children First

It might seem desirable to find a way to punish the other parent by trying to keep the child from them, but is that really best for your child? It's almost always better for children to have healthy contact with both parents, even if that contact has to be supervised.

3. Come Up with Some Custody Ideas

Be prepared with your schedule and your child's schedule before the mediation session. Draw up a few ideas of what you think your child custody agreement should look like. However, be prepared for the possibility that the agreement you eventually come to may not look exactly like any of the ideas you had. Mediation is a process of give and take. Your former spouse and the mediator may have some useful ideas that can be incorporated into your proposals.

4. Don't Focus on the Other Parent

A child custody mediation in New York is not the place for a character assassination or another round of "he said, she said." Address your concerns about the other parent in terms of what your child needs. If you're worried that your former spouse has anger management issues, then stress your child's need for a calm and peaceful environment. If you're concerned that the other parent is too permissive, then talk about the importance of structure and predictability for your child. These are far more constructive and helpful things to focus on than what may be perceived as the other parent's character flaws.

5. Be Willing to Take a Time Out

When things get tense, ask for a break. This keeps your head calm and clear so you can continue to negotiate in the best interests of your children.

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