Emotional Benefits of New York Divorce Mediation

Divorce is almost always a very messy, unpleasant, and emotionally exhausting process, and it is rather unusual for divorce cases not to require at least a little bit of mediation from an outside source.  The courts are overwhelmed with cases and the Judge will encourage the parties to try mediation to resolve any outstanding issues between the parties.   If the parties can settle their cases through mediation, then the court’s case load will be lessened and the parties’ can move on more quickly.  Though you may see New York divorce mediation as a simple necessity to help you and your ex-spouse reach agreements on any problems you may have, divorce mediation can have emotional benefits that you might be overlooking.

At the core of a divorce mediator’s role is problem solving and conflict resolution from a place of nonjudgmental neutrality.  Having an unbiased third party get involved in the stressful and emotionally taxing process of divorce can help ease the psychological strain that comes with dissolving a marriage.  In marriages where communication has not been easy or even possible for many years, creating a fair and clear divorce settlement may seem to be impossible.   The structure of mediation and the process through which mediators facilitate a resolution between the parties introduces a way for the parties to communicate in a non-threatening way.   And the mediation process can serve as a medium through which the couple can experience clearer communication and a discussion through which they can reach agreements regarding their settlement.   Though attorneys are often looked to as the immediate “go to” for divorce, often starting with a mediator and then retaining an attorney for the legal aspect may be the better approach for many couples who seek to end their marriage quickly and more harmoniously than a litigated court battle.

If you are thinking about divorce mediation, keep in mind that laws regarding marriage and divorce tend to vary across the states.  Finding a professional qualified for New York divorce mediation can ensure that you gain the knowledge you need to navigate your divorce successfully in New York specifically.

Do not discount the value of divorce mediation when it comes to your emotional wellbeing.  Very few people can get through a divorce without finding it difficult emotionally, and divorce mediation can be a huge help for you.

Sabra Sasson is an attorney-mediator who uses the structure of mediation in her unique 4-step process that she has developed during the past decade.  After the couple has reached all of the decisions through that process, she puts all of the agreements into writing so that the couple can quickly file for divorce without the unnecessary court appearances and nasty motions involved in litigated divorces.  Sabra Sasson is also the author of the upcoming book The Harmonious Divorce:  The 4 Step Process to Uncoupling.   Learn more at the Firm’s website www.new-york-divorce-mediation.com, or contact the office right now at 646-472-7971.

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