A Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer Explains How to Get Through the Holidays

If you are a divorced parent or in the process of getting divorced, the holiday season may be difficult to navigate through for newly separated or divorced families.  The good news is that you can get through the holidays if you plan for it. A Brooklyn Divorce Lawyer shares some practical tips on surviving the holidays while dealing with divorce.

3 Ways to Bring on the Holiday Joy Even if You Are Divorced or Divorcing


Make New Plans and Family Traditions


It is understandable that the holiday traditions you once enjoyed with your spouse and children may no longer be an option.  The good news is you can look at this as an opportunity to get your children more involved in creating new holiday traditions.  Ask them what they would enjoy doing and put a plan together to try some new activities together.  And if your children are too young to talk; create your own fun traditions.  Consider getting some matching outfits and dive into a photo session with Santa.  Go for a drive or walk around the neighborhood to admire the holiday lights and decorations.


If you don’t have children, then create some new traditions with your friends or family.  Let your loved ones know that this is your first holiday season being separated or divorced and you do not want to spend it alone.  Most friends and family would love to include you in their holiday festivities or create new memories together.


Be Willing to Compromise


If you do have children together, be willing to make some compromises.  If your ex-spouse or soon to be ex-spouse no longer lives at home, he/she will want to spend time with the children as well.  Be accommodating to work schedules and scheduled trips out of town whenever possible because it will make the co-parenting process easier.  When you are more flexible with your ex, they are likely to reciprocate (most of the time).


Make Time for Yourself and Self-Care


If you need a break from the children so that you can rest and regroup after a long week; see if your parents can watch the kids for a weekend.  In order to be there for your children, you must take care of yourself first.  Even if you can take 30 minutes a day, that is free from outside distractions and the children to focus on the things that make you happy, do so.  Treat yourself to a spa treatment or turn your home into a sanctuary with relaxing music and candles.  Try meditation or listen to an inspirational podcast.


Planning to Get Divorced in Brooklyn After the Holidays?


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