4 Dating Tips Following a Divorce

dating after divorce in Manhattan

Yes, you can bounce back into the dating world following a divorce, even a painful, heartbreaking divorce. In fact, you may even be a better partner as a result of it, from lessons learned. Here’s some tips to consider along the way. 

1. Ask yourself what lessons you learned. Analyze what went wrong in the marriage so you don’t repeat those mistakes. Likewise, look into the successes in the marriage and how you can replicate those. 

For instance, look at the love languages that exist: such as quality time, words of affirmation, acts of kindness, gift giving, and of course physical touch. Recall which of those was lacking and how you can do better next time, and what you prioritize in your partner. 

2. Decide when to date and what you’re looking for. How soon after your divorce should you date is another question. Some couples will even date before a divorce is finalized, but while they are living separately during the divorce process.  

You may justifiably need alone time to grieve and self-reflect and rejuvenate. Perhaps you take time to travel with a get-away vacation or stay-cation, or you take up meditation or a new hobby like yoga or pilates to help center yourself.   

You may also not want a serious relationship so soon, but rather a more casual fling type of relationship. But keep yourself open-minded to what’s out there. Ultimately, the goal is to find another partner or just yourself that makes you happy inside and adds to your life. 

3. Take advantage of all the amazing apps available nowadays. For instance, there’s popular ones such as Bumble, Hinge, Tinder, Match—there’s even a Facebook Dating app. There’s even segmented dating apps, for example faith-based ones such as J-Date for people seeking a Jewish partner and Christian Mingle for a Christian partner. 

They are pretty advanced too, and may allow you to filter by geography, age, sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, hobbies and interests, whether you’re interested in someone with or without kids; whether you want a serious or fun/playful relationship, your body type, and more.  

4. Consider getting a dating expert or seeing a relationship therapist for professional support. They have extensive experience counseling many people who can relate to your situation. Look at their reviews and seek referrals as well. You may require a quick tune-up session or multiple or on-going sessions. Do what works for you best, and if need be, test out multiple professionals before you find the best one. 

They can help with your self-esteem and confidence, and communication skills for instance. They can also help you see things from a different perspective. They can serve as a great outlet to share your thoughts and feelings.      

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