Important Factors to Consider Before Filing a Divorce In New York

So you endured the holidays with your spouse for the sake of your children but now the holidays are over, you are seriously considering filing for a divorce.

New York Divorce Attorney Sabra Sasson Shares Important Factors to Consider

  1. What implications will the divorce have on your children: after a divorce, children will be divided amongst two separate households.Ideally, it would be favorable for both parents to live in the same school district as the children. Is it important to you that your children be able to foster friendships with children from their school and neighborhood as well as spend time with their friends during custody visits. Is it important for you and your children’s development if both parents can be more involved with the children’s extracurricular activities and school events
  2. Cost involved as a result of a divorce: it is important to consider the cost of separate households, raising the children, and legal fees. The best option may be to mediate the divorce in order to avoid high litigation fees. The basis of all decisions will be based on what is best for the children regardless of whether you divorce through mediation or in court in litigation. By openly communicating with your spouse about custody, assets, living arrangements and co-parenting; it is possible to come to an amicable resolution without unnecessary court involvement
  3. Have you tried to save the marriage: getting divorced is a major life decision and it is important to evaluate if the marriage is salvageable before filing for divorce.Ask yourself if you have given it your all and exhausted all options prior to filing for divorce.
  4. Marriage counseling: if you feel that you have not given it your all in the marriage, you may want to consider marriage counseling before filing for a divorce as a last effort to save the marriage. An important consideration with regards to marriage counseling is that your spouse should also be willing to go to therapy with you.

If you have given careful consideration and come to the conclusion that staying in your marriage in not an option, then it is time to consult an experienced divorce mediation attorney in New York.  It is valuable to know what your options are and determine what plan of action to take when proceeding with your divorce. 

Contact an Experienced Divorce Mediation Attorney Before Filing for a Divorce in New York

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